Timepunk is a term I coined to describe my autistic perception & subversion of, frustration with, survival under, and resistance against the rigid, coercive concepts of Time which have come to dominate human life on Earth.

It refers to a fifth-dimensional perspective that is derived from a constant, forced cross-examination of autistic and allistic (non-autistic) temporality. If Time is the fourth dimension, then 5D is one “up” from that.

A moment in time is a slice of the fifth dimension, just like 2D shapes can be thought of as slices of 3D shapes.

The fifth dimension can be said to be time-complete. From this perspective, you can move in any direction through what we call time: “backwards” movement makes as much sense as “forward” movement, and you might as well move sideways through the same moment in parallel timelines, because it all completes the same picture in the end.

When you’re stuck in the fourth dimension but you experience time as non-linear and multi-directional, it does something weird to your social interactions and everything else. For example, things can get kindof tubular and you start maybe really understanding ghosts, transformation, magic—all 5D phenomena leaking into the fourth dimension where humans are stuck. You might also wind up being late a lot… it’s hard to hold onto fourth-dimensional priorities once the fifth dimension takes hold of you. I mean, you already got there at some point, didn’t you? And the timelords just can’t seem to sense what’s about to happen around the corner…

All this weirdness turned into a way of life is Timepunk.

NOTE: My work on this concept should one day soon culminate into its own submission-driven zine series, which I’ve entitled Timepunk Chronicles. I invite and urge you to contribute to and complicate the idea of Timepunk as I flesh it out! Zine submissions are welcome, though the first zine in the series is a long way from materializing.

I’m aiming to get the first one published by early 2018.

Naturally, the contributions (and subjective and cultural experience) of IBPOC, autistics (self-diagnosis welcome), femme & feminine & feminized, mad folx, disabled folx, and otherwise marginalized and neurodivergent people will be centred in this project.